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Being Real, Part 2: Habits of Highly Spiritual People

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Wake up! This third installment in this author's spirituality series helps you break the trance of daily routine, surrender and allow God to transform your life.

Spirituality Editor, Fatbrain



Habits of Highly Spiritual People:
Being Real, Part 2

by Chris Tong, Ph.D.

Practical Spirituality Series, Book 3
74 pages
Date Published: June 2000
ISBN: 0717354229

Perfect Happiness is possible through Spiritual Awakening from the dream of ordinary life. We provide a picture of the Spiritual practice for Waking Up, in the form of seven habits:

1. Be Real.
2. Locate, recognize, and commune with God.
3. Surrender “self” to God and let God do the transforming.
4. Understand self in God.
5. Free energy and attention in the individual sphere.
6. Free energy and attention in the larger sphere.
7. Realize God by engaging the Perfect Practice.

The key to the practice is the Spiritual Master, who is the “guise” taken by the Awakened State in the dream, and who transmits the Morning Light into the dream to Wake us Up.

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Bridge between the Awakened State and the dream

The Awakened State’s intrusion into the dream in the form of the Spiritual Master is a rare, fragile and altogether extraordinary occurence. The Spiritual Master’s appearance here creates a Doorway between the Awakened State and the dream, a “God-Man”: a “being” who is God on One End and man on the other. This is not a Doorway through which one physically passes, because the “destination” on the other end is not physical. It transcends space-time. It is Eternity. Rather, one is Awakened in place, by the Transmission that is pouring through the Doorway.

Table of contents

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